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Expensive Oil Change

February 28th, 2010 No comments

Last weekend I decided to service both vehicles at home since I wasn’t having any luck finding a good time to take Summer’s van in for an oil change. After knocking out the oil change on the minivan, I started changing the oil in the Jeep. I drained the old oil out, replaced the filter and then climbed underneath the Jeep to replace the oil pan drain plug.

Given my past problems with over tightening bolts, I was being extra cautious. I threaded the plug back into the pan by hand, then set my torque wrench to the correct setting of 25ftlbs. I even double checked the setting on the wrench before tightening the bolt.

Thinking all was good, I started tightening the bolt. After a few pulls on the wrench, I could tell the plug was tight and I wondered why the torque wrench hadn’t clicked yet. I hesitated and thought “one more pull and the wrench will click.” Boy was I wrong…

That last pull on the torque wrench ended up being pretty expensive. I stripped the plug threads and boogered them up so badly that I couldn’t get the plug out of the pan. So there the Jeep sat in my garage with no oil and a stripped plug.

A tow and a new oil pan later and the Jeep is healed and back on the road, but the scars from my obsessiveness about tightening bolts are still healing. I hope to never have such an expensive oil change again.