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Water Pump

May 20th, 2013 No comments

Last week my water pump started leaking coolant through the weep hole.

After reading a bit on water pump replacement, the general consensus seemed to be that this was normal with the age of my TJ and that replacing it with a genuine MOPAR pump was best.

I called my two local dealerships to check prices on the pump.   The first dealer quoted me $186 and the second quoted me $220.   Those prices were just for the pump…

After a good laugh, I checked prices online and ordered the pump, thermostat and gaskets from for $169.      I was a bit hesitant to order from their site without any good reviews to go off of, but I figured the savings were worth a shot…..and once the parts arrived in perfect shape, I will definitely be willing to order from them again in the future.

Since I was going to have everything apart, I also picked up a new drive belt.    The radiator hoses looked good, so I left them alone.

Installation of the pump was quite a pain and I made a big mess….so no pictures or write up of the work.   Regardless, it all worked out perfect and the leak appears to be solved.

Running Zerex G-05 HOAT coolant.