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Banks Torque Tube Header

September 28th, 2010 No comments

My parents came to visit for Addie Kate’s 2nd Birthday, which happened to fall on Labor Day weekend.  I took advantage of having dad in TX to install a Banks Torque Tube header on the Rubicon.

Installing the header was a frustrating job.   Pulling the factory parts off was easy enough, because there were workable shots at each one of intake/exhaust manifold bolts.   But, once we started putting the Banks header on, those same paths we had used to reach the bolts were closed off by the nice smooth flowing tubes of the header.   The engineer who designed the header for Banks was obviously way more focused on smooth flowing tubes for unrestricted flow than on allowing the installer to properly torque the bolts holding the header on.   On some of the bolts, we just had to tighten them down as best we could and didn’t even try to torque them to spec.

The project took the greater part of a day, including a lunch break and a run to town for additional tools.   But, the end result was well worth it.

The Rubicon has a noticeable extra spring in it’s step when you put your foot into it.  And the exhaust has a nice low rumble.   I actually expected the exhaust to be a bit louder, but that’s nothing a Banks muffler won’t solve….

Here’s a couple pics I snapped with my phone during installation.

Banks Header

Banks Header

Rancho Colorado Pics

July 12th, 2010 No comments

Here’s a couple of pictures of the Jeep from our Rancho Colorado camping trip in April.



Updated Pics

December 15th, 2009 No comments




Maintenance Day – 33k miles

August 30th, 2009 No comments

Yesterday, Ethan and I spent the day giving the Rubi some much needed TLC:

Billet Mechanical Door Stops

While we had fun monkeying around in the garage, I’m really happy to know these items have been completed.  The oil change was due after my drive home from CO.  The old spark plugs were all pretty worn and each had a gap between .50 and .65.   The factory spec gap is .35.  I think the Jeep was running a little smoother with the new plugs and synthetic oil…although it could simply be wishful thinking.

The BEST part of the day was when I got to take Ethan for his first ride in the Rubi.  He was really excited and loved it.  I had told him about the ooga horn before we went for a ride and he was scared to hear it, thinking it would be really loud.  During our drive I convinced him that it wasn’t too loud and hit the button.  He immediately started laughing a huge belly laugh and wanted to hear it over and over.   Later, as we were once again working in the garage, he was pretending to work on his Dale Jr. Powerwheels racecar and I overheard him “installing” an ooga horn of his own.

2004 Rubicon

August 18th, 2009 No comments

Friday I fly to Denver to pick up my 2004 Jeep Rubicon.  It is a two owner Jeep with only got 33k miles.  The previous owner has mainly used it as a trailer queen, pulling it around behind his motor coach.  The story he tells is that he and his wife made one wheeling trip to Moab while it was in stock form and he decided to modify it.  Once all the modifications were done, his wife gently let on that she didn’t enjoy the off road adventures and would prefer to just ride their Harley.

Here’s a partial modification list of how it sits as I’m buying it:

  • 5.5 Rubicon Express Long Arm Lift w/ Old Man Emu shocks
  • 35inch ProComp tires on ProComp wheels
  • Edge Performance Trail Jammer kit (air intake, throttle body and programmer)
  • Warn rock crusher bumpers front and rear, with tire carrier
  • Warn gas tank skid plate
  • Warn XD9000i winch
  • Kilby rear storage rack
  • Husky floor liners
2004 Rubicon